4 thoughts on “Have your say on the future of cycling in Gloucestershire.

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    Cycle paths separate from main roads would allow people to consider this a SAFE option as transport to local places of work. They are visible in Tewkesbury and Bishops Cleeve but don’t join up to out lying villages.

    1. Thank you for your comments.
      As this is an initiative run by Gloucestershire County Council and not the Parish Council you can leave your feed back by visiting one of the following workshops:

      Moreton-in-Marsh – 3pm-7pm, Tuesday, 5 July, Redesdale Hall, High Street, Moreton-in-Marsh, GL56 0BA
      Dursley – 3pm-7pm, Wednesday, 6 July, The Dursley Community Centre, Rednock Drive, Dursley, GL11 4BX
      Bishops Cleeve- 3pm-7pm, Monday 11 July – St Michaels Centre, School Road, Bishops Cleeve, GL52 8BA
      Newent – 3pm-7pm, Tuesday, 12 July, Newent Memorial Hall, 209 Bury Lane, Newent, GL18 1PT

      Also GCC will be introducing an online survey which will be available soon if you are unable to attend the workshops.

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    Please would cyclists who enjoy travelling through our quiet, narrower country lanes respect the peace of the area by not shouting at the tops of their voices as they travel by. They are audible from at least half a kilometre away. As they whizz down these roads would they please take greater care of themselves by keeping to one side of the road at blind corners- their blood makes such a mess on our tractors. Please in the same circumstances would they follow the updated highway code by travelling singly and keeping to the side of the road where the roads are narrow?

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    I would like to see a proper bicycle path from the Teddington Hands roundabout to Cheltenham – the road is far too busy to mix cyclists and the cars. It also would be great to see more dedicated cycle paths that follow old railway tracks.

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