Dog Fouling

Dog Fouling

Dog Fouling

Some useful information you can use in tacking any dog fouling problems.

The Parish Council have had a number of complaints from walkers and residents about dog fouling around the village. Villagers have also passed on the names of individual owners seen failing to clear up their dog’s mess.


People and particularly children can become ill with Toxocara which can in extreme cases lead to blindness.


Remember to worm your dogs as wormed dogs cannot pass on this devastating infection.


So here are a few facts:

–    Research estimates a single dog mess can contain approximately 1million microscopic Toxocara eggs (these come from roundworms).

–    Toxocara eggs are not infectious for approximately 2 – 3 weeks after they have been deposited by a dog.

–    Therefore freshly deposited faeces should not be infectious, and you can safely clear up after your dog.

It is therefore important that dog owners/walkers keep footpaths, verges, grazing fields and public areas clear of dog excrement by bagging it and disposing it appropriately.  Dogs should be kept on their leads on public footpaths and roads so that owners can check if any dog mess needs clearing up.


There are dog bins in Teddington (outside the Village Hall) and Alstone (next to the phone box) in which to put the bags. Dog owners/walkers can always dispose of their bags and contents when they get home.


Not clearing up your dog mess is an OFFENCE and ILLEGAL.



David Roscoe

Parish Clerk