Garden Communities Charter receives approval from councillors

A charter that states what local communities, organisations and employers can expect to see in the delivery of new Garden Communities (previously referred to as the Tewkesbury Garden Town programme) has been approved by Tewkesbury Borough councillors.

Read the charter here.

From October 2023 to January 2024 multiple stakeholder engagement sessions captured the views from residents, parish councils, community organisations and the wider community on key principles such as ‘connection to existing communities,’ ‘green spaces for people and wildlife,’ and ‘quality of build and infrastructure’.

Changes made to the charter as a result of these views include:

  • Changing the programme to ‘a series of connected Garden Communities’ instead of Tewkesbury Garden Town – a shift based on feedback from community groups and parish councils.
  • A proposal that existing communities are engaged in the naming of the new areas as and when they come forward.
  • A requirement for all garden communities to be connected by well-planned, shared infrastructure, including secondary schooling, cycle paths and improvements to services at the local train station.
  • A revised vision for the programme: Comprehensively planned, connected communities designed to encourage good growth, helping new and existing residents to enjoy the best possible quality of life. Combining new development with delivering investment in Tewkesbury town to enhance its role as a vibrant and historic market town that serves its local and wider communities.

Borough councillors voted to endorse the charter at a meeting of Full Council on Tuesday, 27 February.

What’s next?

Stakeholders, including developers, community groups and local businesses, are now invited to officially endorse the charter as part of a joined-up approach to the delivery of the Garden Communities programme.

To arrange an appointment to sign the charter, visit Engagement – Tewkesbury Borough Council

Tewkesbury Borough Council’s Leader, Cllr Richard Stanley, said: “The approval of the Garden Communities Charter marks a pivotal moment for our borough, reflecting a collective commitment to sustainable, community-focused development.

“Through considerable stakeholder engagement, we’ve ensured that the voices of our residents, councils, and organisations shape the vision for our future. This charter sets a strong foundation for well-planned, connected communities that prioritise quality of life for all.”


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